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This weeks episode of Virgo Season is giving…well, we’re not exactly sure what it’s giving…but it’s giving!

  • Chris Brown is shaking down his fans.
  • Ye got y’all diving in dumpsters for rations.
  • Some of ya’ll are lost in the (pink) sauce, buying food from strangers over the internet…(WHY???)
  • Joyhdae is having issues with the Desus & Mero break up, but not for the reasons you think.
  • Ryan is giving intoxicated relationship guru.
  • And lastly, #TheVirgos are putting your Virgo Season knowledge to the test…

They really messed around and gave us a podcast… 😏

Ya’ll listened to the playlist yet?

@ohBLACKryan – Afrobeats Mix:

@JoyhdaeSays R&B Summer Mix:


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Set it to Automatically Download!  Love you, mean it!