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Mega Millions billion dollar jackpots come and go…but, #TheVirgos on Thursdays, are here to stay! (maybe)

Do we really need to tell y’all what this episode is about?  The Queen has ushered in her Renaissance and the #VirgoEnergy is at an all time high, and Joyhdae & Ryan are completely wrapped up in Virgo’s Groove…they jibber jabber about other things as well – but, just like Wiz Khalifa (a Virgo with “clouded” judgment) also dropping an album on July 29th, Y’ALL DON’T CARE!  It’s Beyoncé, Bitch!

If you think Bey is pronounced “bay,” this is not the episode for you, because…#HIVE …are you serious???

Where there’s a Will (Smith) there’s NO way on #BeyDay, a scamming ass pastor, a high horse with Kelis atop, and your typical mess…blah, blah, bliggidy… Why are you still reading the show notes??!!  Chop, Chop!!  Get to it!!

We Love you!  Mean it!

Ya’ll listened to the playlist yet?

@ohBLACKryan – Afrobeats Mix:

@JoyhdaeSays R&B Summer Mix:


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