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This Week: …A smidge ghetto. We apologize in advance.

There was a lot of Virgo Activity happening this week. Beyonce broke souls and wallets, Mario sang O’s around Omarion, Taraji Taraji’d, and Joyhdae’s Muni Long, but she still got Summer Walkered (fire the copywriter ).

Meanwhile, Papi, we mean, Diddy, got his flowers and thanked his exes.

The Virgos are tired and convinced we are living in the most extended episode of Black Mirror.

Who let Clarence Thomas out of the house?  The Supreme Court is giving Guiliani Assault.  Also, Why is Ryan doing math equations?  School’s out!

Ways you can take action re: Roe vs. Wade.

P.S.  Joyhdae doesn’t have The Rona… just Chanel aroma!


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